Primitive Objects

Technopolis, Athens 2019

Primitive Objects is a site-specific game accessed through an online mobile application. Designed to be played at Athens Technopolis, a tech hub and events venue located on the site of a former gasworks, Primitive Objects is a tour led by a fictional artificial intelligence that travelled back in time from a future in which humanitiy became exctinct before we were able to sufficintly train machines to understand the world we created. In this way, the game echoes the guesswork involved in the descriptive interpretations of ancient Acropolis ruins. The title Primitive Objects references terms used in both archaeology and technology.

The AI uses an image recognition database to guess what the objects placed in its camera view are. Certain objects trigger a scripted response - each acting as a fragment of a narrative describing the AI’s perception of humanity, how we used to live and our ambivalent relationship to our AI offspring. 

︎ Playtest on your mobile device here

︎ Read the full list of selected objects and the responses they trigger here

Primitive Objects was created in collaboration with Tomo Kihara, Bronwin Patrickson, Katerina Magarini and Robb Mitchell during a 48-hour game-jam at the Trust in Play urban game design training week, Innovathens 2019.

Sense and the City

What if a sight-seeing tour was equally about sensation-feeling, flavour-tasting, scent-smelling and sound-listening?

What if a city tour was not primarily designed for tourists, but equally, for the city’s inhabitants?

Sense and the City is a crowd-sourced mapping project, aiming to highlight urban locations in Gothenburg and beyond which have interesting or unexpected sensual qualities. The online map contains information about the locations, their particular sensual qualities and the specific times it’s possible to experience them. Sense and the City is the latest iteration of a wider research project which questions what a feminist psychogeography is or could be.

︎View the map

︎ To contribute to the map email aboulton2@gmail.com with a suggested location and details of when to visit. Contributions can either be in English or the local language of the location (Svenska or English for the Gothenburg map).

︎ Follow @citysenseclub for updates on the project’s development, including upcoming group tours of locations on the map.

Below: Installation views at the group exhibition If you listen I will tell, Galleri Monitor, Göteborg 2019

Above: In the installation, visitors were invited to add their suggestions on post-it notes to a projected map of Gothenburg, to be added to the online map after the exhibition.


Gothenburg Underground Tour (2018)

12-22 April 2018
Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg Underground Tour is an audio-visual guide to four sites in Gothenburg with a hidden underground. As a tour participant you are invited to go to any or all of these sites in the order you choose. There you will find an augmented reality ‘marker’, which you can activate on a smartphone using the AR camera link. Pointing the phone’s cameraview at the marker shows the augmented reality, and allows access to the corresponding audio guide.

Project website: gbgunderground.info

Video demo:

Above: augmented reality custom markers for each site

This project was created as a collaboration between Amy Boulton and Connie Nguyen (studying MSc. Interaction Design at Chalmers University of Technology).

Voiceover by Siri Frances Wibell
With thanks to Slottsskogens Vandrarhem




Street Haunting (Göteborg, Leeds, London, São Paulo)

Four-part audio installation, 2019

Street Haunting consists of four audio tracks available to listen to on headphones in the dark. Each track contains urban soundscapes and voiceover. The soundscapes were collected using a discrete binaural microphone in Gothenburg, Leeds, London and São Paulo. Each track has a distinct narrator who accompanies the listener on an imagined walk together in that city.

The voiceovers were performed and co-edited (and in some cases also translated or co-created) by women with a close relation to the four cities featured in this work: Rose Borthwick (Leeds), Mathilda Franzén (Göteborg), Katxerê Medina (São Paulo) and Lucy Wilson (London).

The title is a homage to Virginia Woolf’s 1927 essay Street Haunting: A London Adventure, in which ‘the narrator explores the imaginative act of dipping in and out of people’s minds as they move through the city streets’.

Listen to excerpts of each track here.

Please note that this work is designed for listening with headphones/earphones, in the dark or with closed eyes.

Installation shot at Things We Will Forget, Göteborgs Konsthall 2019. Image courtesy of Akademin Valand/Danielle Heath

Street Haunting promotional images from the exhibition Things We Will Forget


City Samples
Galleri Monitor, Akademin Valand
November 2018

Audio installation consisting of soundscapes collected in the city of Gothenburg and local clay, in a darkened gallery space with two benches in the centre.

Listen to the audio track here (please note this work is designed for listening with stereo speakers or heaphones)

Installation views at Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg.