Tracing Flows (2021)

Produced in collaboration with Benj Gerdes

Tracing Flows is a two-sided A3 risograph poster highlighting Gothenburg's entangled logistical and infrastructural flows, made in collaboration with Benj Gerdes. Inspired by the late geographer Doreen Massey's assertion that time unfolds through change while space unfolds through interaction, one side of the print is dedicated to visible changes to the landscape over time while the other depicts interaction across space.

The "time" side is minimalist, using two layers of colour to layer current open-source satellite imagery of Gothenburg over imagery of the same land area from the 1960's. Traces of changes to the landscape over time focus on the Göta Älv, the most prominent feature being the creation of a new land mass to relocate the port further out of the city centre.

The "space" side on the other hand is maximalist, featuring interacting flows of value including goods, labour, technology, migration, energy and transport that are illustrated using a mix of icons, both digitally created and appropriated from traffic signage, stock imagery, government agency logos, and a 1960's brochure by Göteborgs Hamnen. Quotes adapted from the academic field of critical logistics studies are woven into the picture to contextualise the imagery and deepen the reading.

Printed by Fuzzy Logic Press 
Supported by Göteborgs Stad Pronto! 

If time unfolds as change then space unfolds as interaction (after Doreen Massey) (spring/summer 2022)

Temporary installation of enlarged prints at the Haga construction site of Västlänken (”The West Link”- Gothenburg’s new underground subway system). Produced in collaboration with Kronotopia public art curatorial project by Skogen and Göteborgs Konst.

1.2m x 1.6m approx

Images credit: Badou Jobe