The New Neighbourliness / Det nya grannskapet (2022)

Collaboration with interior architect Cassandra Lorca Macchiavelli and architect Tobias Westerlund in the context of Of Public Interest transdisciplinary studio and lab.

The New Neighbourliness is both prototype and proposal. Lövholmen is a post-industrial area of Stockholm that is in a transitional phase waiting for the new housing development, which is now in the planning phase, to begin.

Prototype (Stockholm, June 2022)

The door prototype was placed on a grassy patch beside a busy intersection on Gröndalsvägen.It may appear to be one of many construction components currently circulating and lingering around the area, but there is something strange about this one – every so often the handle mysteriously moves of its own accord, as if some frustrated presence is trying repeatedly to get in or out. The prototype can function as a kind of premonition of what is to come or what will remain in the area, like a kind of ghost or oracle.

Proposal (for planned developments in Lövholmen, Stockholm ca. 2035)

Accompanying the prototype is a proposal for a series of doors using sound, movement and visual components to focus on the political aspects of how accessible the new Lövholmen neighbourhood is. Through a proposed cooperation with property developers and architects, these performative doors would be integrated into the ground level facades of Lövholmen’s planned new residential buildings.

As a gesture the proposal intends to question who will be welcomed as Lövholmen’s new inhabitants and what activities should or could be happening there that were not designed into the masterplan – underlining the vital position of ground-level activities to the quality of public spaces.

Below: Images of posters on Gröndalsvägen on the construction hoarding of the new Lövholmen development site, at the same time as the door prototype was installed further down the street.