Sense and the City

What if a sight-seeing tour was equally about sensation-feeling, flavour-tasting, scent-smelling and sound-listening?

What if a city tour was not primarily designed for tourists, but equally, for the city’s inhabitants?

Sense and the City is a crowd-sourced mapping project, aiming to highlight urban locations in Gothenburg and beyond which have interesting or unexpected sensorial qualities. The online map contains information about the locations, their particular sensual qualities and the specific times it’s possible to experience them. Sense and the City is the latest iteration of a wider research project which questions what a feminist psychogeography is or could be.

︎View the map

︎ To contribute to the map email with a suggested location and details of when to visit. Contributions can either be in English or the local language of the location (Svenska or English for the Gothenburg map).

Below: Installation views at the group exhibition If you listen I will tell, Galleri Monitor, Göteborg 2019

Above: In the installation, visitors were invited to add their suggestions on post-it notes to a projected map of Gothenburg, to be added to the online map after the exhibition.