Gothenburg Underground Tour (2018)

12-22 April 2018
Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg Underground Tour is an audio-visual guide to four sites in Gothenburg with a hidden underground. As a tour participant you are invited to go to any or all of these sites in the order you choose. There you will find an augmented reality ‘marker’, which you can activate on a smartphone using the AR camera link. If prompted, allow access to your camera view, then point at the marker to view the augmented reality.

For each site there is also an audio guide, press the play button at the bottom of your screen to listen (press again to pause, press stop to restart).

Video demo: https://vimeo.com/262806282

Above: augmented reality custom markers for each site

This project was created as a collaboration between Amy Boulton and Connie Nguyen (studying MSc. Interaction Design at Chalmers University of Technology).

Voiceover by Siri Frances Wibell
With thanks to Slottsskogens Vandrarhem