City Samples (2018)
Galleri Monitor, Akademin Valand 

Audio installation consisting of soundscapes collected in the city of Gothenburg and local clay, in a darkened gallery space with two benches in the centre. The audio is an edited mix of binaural soundscapes recorded inconspicuously while walking around local city streets at night: capturing the shouts of strangers, infrastructural noises of street crossing signals, car horns and the tonal hum of electric trams, blaring music and fragments of conversations. The clay spread throughout the floorspace, mixed with dirt and rocks, creates an indoor/outdoor, public/private sphere overlap. It is a sample of the soft underground foundation of Gothenburg: in this way the title ‘samples’ refers to both the clay and the audio recordings.

Listen to the audio track here (please note this work is designed for listening with stereo speakers or headphones)

Installation views at Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg.