Amy Boulton
Artist and inter-dependant researcher based in Gothenburg, Sweden
b. 1992, Huddersfield, UK

My practice is an investigation of urban space, technology and feminist theory. In my projects I combine these interests, seeking out the embedded connections between them. Some forms and contexts of my recent artistic outputs include: video, sculptural and sound installations, publication, experimental mapping, workshop facilitation and urban game design. I make work both independently and collaboratively, with artists and with researchers working in other fields. Currently I’m working with the topics of infrastructure and automation from a materialist feminist perspective.

Since 2021 I also have been taking part in Of Public Interest (OPI), a Stockholm based post-masters program, research lab and working studio. OPI is comprised of practitioners from art, architecture and related fields. Our emphasis is on taking an active part in critically re-imagining our common spaces, what values they contain, who they are for, in which ways they are shared, how they are made and by whom.